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Cherokee Language


Technology Localization

Cherokee Nation has worked with Microsoft, Google and Facebook to ensure their respective products provide the opportunity for a Cherokee experience while using these services. Below are instructions on how to change a device's language settings to Cherokee, along with screenshots to help navigate the Cherokee interface.


In 2012, Cherokee Nation finished translating Google’s Gmail and it became the first email service to be translated into a Native American language. Below are instructions and a screenshot of a new message with the translated terms.

Windows 8 & 10:

In 2012, Cherokee Nation finished localization of Windows 8 and it became the first computer operating system in a Native American language. The partnership with Microsoft continued as Windows 8 updated to Windows 10, and localization work also branched to Office Online and OneDrive.

To see a comparison of English and Cherokee user interface versions of Windows 8, download the Windows 8 Screenshots PDF in the downloads section below.

For instructions on changing the Windows 10 user interface to Cherokee, download the Windows 10 Tutorial PDF in the downloads section below.


Instructions for changing OneDrive and Office Online interfaces to Cherokee are available in the downloads section below.