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Cherokee Language


Cherokee Keyboards

Below are Cherokee keyboard installers and instructions for users of Microsoft, Apple, and Google. Each section is labeled by product brand.


Windows 10 is equipped with a pre-installed Cherokee keyboard by default. To activate a Cherokee keyboard on Windows 10, click here to read the instructions.

If you are using Windows XP, Vista, or 7, a Cherokee keyboard will have to be installed. Below are the installers for both the Cherokee Nation layout and phonetic keyboards. Released as-is for public use.


Mac OS has a Cherokee Nation layout keyboard installed by default. To activate it, click hereto read the instructions.

A Cherokee phonetic keyboard for Mac is available to download. These installers are freely distributable keyboard layouts developed by Cherokee Nation Language Technology for Macintosh and allow the user to type in phonetics and convert the text into syllabary. Please read the instructions and license in the installer. After agreeing to the terms, continue with the installation. This download is released as-is for public use. These installers are for specific operating system versions. To see which operating system your device is running, download and follow the instructions below before downloading a keyboard installer.

iPhone or iPad users can access a Cherokee keyboard as well as a Cherokee font. To activate the Cherokee keyboard on an iOS device, follow instructions here.


Google Chromebook users can follow the steps below to activate a Cherokee keyboard:

  1. Click on Launcher (small circle to the far bottom left) on the docked icons.
  2. Next click on the arrow once to get more options.
  3. Click on the Web Store
  4. In the Search The Store box at the top left type in Google Input Tools.
  5. Once the search is complete download Google Input Tools.
  6. After the installation, open your browser and the second button to the right of the address bar you will see a button called Google Input Tools, click it and a drop down will appear. Click Extension Options.
  7. Under the Add Input Tools find ᏣᎳᎩfor the one key one stroke method and double click to add to the Selected Input Tools. Double click ᏣᎳᎩᏗᎧᏁᎢᏍᏗᏚᏃᏴᎬfor phonetic typing to be added to the Selected Input Tools.  Also, make sure to choose English from the Add Input Tools.
  8. Now to type in Cherokee open a browser and again click the second button to the right of the address bar and the Selected Input Languages will appear and you can choose Cherokee or English.

Android phone users can download and follow the instructions here to download a Cherokee keyboard.