Language Department


Teaching Materials

The Cherokee Language Program creates and distributes various materials for teaching the Cherokee language. These materials are free to download. The posters subsection also contains materials that can be used to teach and learn Cherokee.


  • Syllabary Flashcards
    Flashcards of the Cherokee syllabary that can be cut out and used to study the syllabary.
  • Syllabary Stencils
    Cut out stencils of the Cherokee syllabary.
  • Syllabary Test
    Test your knowledge of the Cherokee syllabary.
  • Syllabary Tracing Sheets
    Learn how to write Cherokee syllabary.
  • The Cherokee New Testament
    Cherokees speakers have used the Cherokee New Testaments to teach themselves how to read and write the Cherokee Syllabary. This is NOT the Red Letter Edition.
  • We Are Learning Cherokee
    We Are Learning Cherokee created by Cherokee Nation Education Services. This download contains both the textbook and audio files.
  • Word Search
    Cherokee Word Search puzzles with answers.