Language Department


Teaching Materials

The Cherokee Language Program creates and distributes various materials for teaching the Cherokee language. These materials are free to download. The posters subsection also contains materials that can be used to teach and learn Cherokee.


  • Cherokee Reader
    Cherokee Reader testbook written and translated by Durbin Feeling.
  • Handbook of the Cherokee Verb
    A Handbook of the Cherokee Verb written by Durbin Feeling, Craig Kopris, Jordan Lachler, Charles van Tuyl.
  • Learning to use the Cherokee Verb
    This is Durbin Feeling’s last book before his passing. It is a companion to the Cherokee Verb Book that is available for download on the website.
  • See, Say, Write Textbook
    See, Say, Write Textbook in PDF format along with the audio files in MP3 format.
  • Set A & Set B Poster
    This file is a chart for teaching and learning the pronoun prefixes for Cherokee verbs.
  • Small Syllabary Charts
    Small Syllabary Charts (4 per Page)
  • Syllabary Chart Handout
    Chart of the Cherokee syllabary.