Language Department


Cherokee Language Teacher Training Scholarship Program

The Cherokee Language Teacher Training Program is designed to create certified Cherokee language teachers. Applicants must be attending Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, Okla., pursuing a bachelor’s degree in education and an Oklahoma state teaching certification in elementary education, early childhood education or Cherokee language.

After completing the first academic year of the program, students will sign a contract committing their services after graduation to the Cherokee Immersion School or at one of the Cherokee Nation’s cooperative satellite programs in public schools in the 14-county area.

A selection committee consisting of Cherokee Language Program & Cherokee Immersion School staff will choose scholarship recipients. The awardees must demonstrate some knowledge of the Cherokee language upon application. In addition to attending their classes at Northeastern State University, the students will spend a total of 15 hours per week in the program. This includes scheduled time in classrooms with teachers and students at the Cherokee Immersion School, formal instructional time with Cherokee Language Program staff at Cherokee Nation, and other Cherokee Nation language-related events.

Upon successful completion of the Cherokee Language Teacher Training Program and receiving a degree in education at Northeastern State University, these students will have the necessary skills to be Cherokee language teachers in a classroom setting.